Eve’s professional and creative work over the last 30 years has been varied and spans performance, graphic and jewellery design, teaching, education management and the strategic direction of local government services....but she is always an artist at the end of every day.

Her creative work has evolved through the years since graduating in 1986 with a degree in the applied crafts (wood, metal, ceramics and textiles) but she returns to painting and colour which serve as her happy place. 

All her work explores a personal journey and a celebratory interpretation of places, shapes and hues. The older she gets the bolder this seems and yet she says it is all the more essential.

She has exhibited her paintings, assemblages and boxes many times over the years in venues ranging from individual shows in London restaurants and cafes, small galleries and group shows including at The South Bank Centre.

Having moved from London in 2017 her show at McGillan and Woodell is her first exhibition in her new home town and she is presenting a number of works inspired by her new neighbourhood as well as recent travels.